Monday, May 4, 2009

matchgal learns a lesson

just when matchgal thought things were goin good, everything fell more phone calls, no response to texts, no daily emails mr. extreme sport just fell off the face on the earth. matchgal was conflicted as to what to do, her instinct told her to let go and not try to contact him. but well matchgal, being the silly girl she is, starts to like guys more and more as they are harder and harder to get, ughh games (DON¨T PLAY GAMES LIKE ME)! well, matchgal was back on the prowl and decided she needed a new gem in her life to distract her from mr. extreme sport who was obviously no longer interested or dating someone else.

well, matchgal was perusing the database of millions and millions of men, she stumbled upon mr extreme sport ¨active within 3 days¨ (note he removed his profile about a month prior). ok ok don´t freak it´s fine, he hasn´t been on in 3 days it´s not too bad. a few deep breaths, a few phone calls to friends ranting about mr. extreme sport everyone said the same thing relax, get over him, ¨you didnt even like him that much¨, which i guess is sorta true. well, matchgal decided the best thing to do would be to schedule a date with one of those back burner guys, ya know the ones that you have talked to, seem nice but nothing has really progressed farther than matchgal shoots a text over to a potential and plans are set for dinner and drinks saturday evening. (mistake 1: first dates should not be on a saturday)

a little history on this guy, matchgal found potential guy interesting but the phone conversations had been slightly awkward, thinking he was just nervous matchgal thought pursuing a date couldn´t he wanted to take her to a real nice place ;)

so, matchgal arrives at the bar a little earlier than boy she sits awkwardly near the door waiting for him, not sure what to expect. guy walks in, greets her, they take seat and order a glass of wine. matchgal feels the awkwardness from the get-go, begins to chug wine and is like hollyyyy shnikiess this is going to be a long night. matchgal excuses herself, RUNs the bathroom and calls her counterpart matchgal hysterically. matchgals awesome co-part says she will call and then to make up an excuse. when matchgal returns mr. super awkward had ordered a pitcher of sangria--shittt. luckily matchgal calls about 15 painful minutes later and matchgal tells mr. super awkward that its her friends birthday and they were supposed to be going to see a band but it got cancelled so they are going to a bar right down the street. matchgal tells mr. super awkward that´ll she´ll have to leave pretty soon. mr. awkward wants to order food, grab a table, anything to keep matchgal there! matchgal says shes not hungry and cant stop thinking about getting out of there! phew, sangria chugged, a little tipsy--matchgal stands up, thanks mr. super awkward profusely for the drinks and BOLTS.

lesson learned: don´t be desperate and try to go on a date just for the hell of it. if you can´t have a conversation on the phone chances are face to face is going to be a lot more difficult!

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  1. went on a couple of those after a similar situation....those are the pitts!