Tuesday, May 5, 2009

real life scenario

friday night matchgals went out on the town after a fundraiser they attended. they were in search of a low key wine bar where they could enjoy a glass of wine and catch up on the week´s happenings, especially boys! well, they never found the wine bar and ended up at a typical sports bar that attracts a lot of thirsty people. well, what the heck, they decided to have a drink and feel it out. matchgals enter bar confident and looking great and head straight to the bar. it was within those first 30 seconds that matchgal2 freaks--she sees him, a potential matchguy right there standing next to the bar. matchgals scramble to the bathroom in hopes that guy does not spot matchgal. after a re-application of lipgloss, fixing of the hair and relaxation sesh, matchgals decide to return to the bar. when you have never met someone in person it is hard to tell if it is really him, lets admit it, we all look fabulous in our pictures online so once you meet in person its difficult to recognize the person. well matchgal2 was pretty confident this was guy who she was supposed to be going on a date with the very next day. well, to be sure matchgals devised a little plan to call guy anonymously to see if he reached for his phone. well, with a little *67 and the phone hidden in her purse, matchgal sure enough called him and...yup....he reached for his pocket, matchgal quickly hung up and a lot of good giggles ensued.

matchgals weren´t really up for the night so they left shortly after, but our real life run in with a guy we had never met made for an eventful evening.

heres some tips if you see someone out that you recognized from matchgal:
  1. let him approach you, no reason to go out of your way to make an inevitably awkward encounter
  2. if he approaches you, be friendly and say something simple ¨hey, so funny to run into you here, guess we have similiar taste in bars¨, through him a giant smile.¨
  3. depending on how comfortable you feel, continue to chat, but really try to play hard to get and save your get-to-know-ya time for a quiet place another night, say something like ¨well, great to meet you I look forward to seeing you again, I´m going to get back to my friends¨.

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