Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a few tips

want to know how us matchgirls play the game, we will let ya into a few of our tricks of the trade.....

1. it IS ok for a matchgirl to contact a guy. online dating is an extremely populated and complex system. sometimes you may have to do a little searching to uncover some of those gems, you can´t always expect them to contact you first!

2. if you receive a wink, either a. wink back (your sorta ehh ehh about him) b. email him (he´s lookin fab) or c. do nothing (you are not interested)

3. if after 2 or 3 emails back and forth, you a. are not feeling it, b. there is no mention of person to person/phone contact, c. he has taken forever (longer than a week) to respond to each email, d. he has not been active for over a week, e. or the emails are just LAME....forget about him!

4. always speak on the phone before you go out-hey if you can´t have a phone convo chances are your real life convo won´t flow too much

5. boy should be blocked if: a. he incessantly sends you unwanted messages, b. he/she says creepy stuff, c. he/she has 20 yrs on ya(creeep-unless ur into that-sorry we dont condone these things) d. has a daughter your age (yes that has happened to US!), e. his/her pictures are CLEARLY from last months j.crew catalog

6. ALWAYS be honest. if you aren´t interested yet have been out, tell him. its ok to ignore a wink or an email but if you have responded at any point, best to tell him the truth to keep you both on the same page!

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