Monday, April 13, 2009


Dearest readers,

While i know you do not exist yet this blog is and will always be dedicated to YOU! This blog serves as a forum, a place for advice, to make you laugh, and just to share information about online dating. Having embarked on the adventure, and yes it is definetly an adventure, of online dating we understand the fears you may have in publishing a profile all about you and posting it smack on the web, we have seen firsthand the creeps that are on there and that try to stalk you, we have had some of the most awkward experiences of our lives in addition to meeting people who we thought were the loves of our lives. So, this blog is to throw it all on out there and welcome you into the world of online dating. Online dating will change your life, bring you up to cloud 9 some days and make you feel really lonely on others but one thing is for certain, you are going to have some laugheable moments to cherish forever.


the matchgals

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